Once your line has switched to Pure Telecom, you should contact Pure Customer Care if you are experiencing any difficulties with your telephone service.

If you are using a splitter, with both a modem and a phone plugged into the one socket, we request that you remove all connections from the main socket and plug each one in separately and directly (without a splitter). This can help determine if the issue is with the line or with the splitter, handset or modem. For example, the handset may work when plugged in on its own, proving that there is no fault on the line, but rather the issue/fault might be with some of your equipment.

A technician will fix a fault on the line free of charge, right up to the main socket. However, if the fault is deemed to be related to an internal issue and not on the line (e.g. with a faulty handset or modem), there will be a call-out charge and that is something we’d like to help you avoid. If the issue is with them modem, then our Technical Support team can assist.

Once a fault is reported, it is generally worked on within two or three working days. On average, faults are repaired within two working days, however there may be circumstances which mean it may take longer e.g. if a pole or cable needs replacing, or if a licence is required from the council before work can commence.

Most faults are resolved through testing at the telephone exchange in your area. If a technician needs access to your home, you will be contacted to arrange a time of appointment.

  1. Alterations to connections and wiring inside the home.
  2. Local or exchange faults (average repair time is 24 hours).
  3. Fallen lines due to building work or from storms and high winds.

If you have tested your handset and internal setup, and concluded that it is not such a fault, you will incur no costs. However, if it is a fault with your equipment or wiring, you will incur a cost where this needs to be replaced or repaired. There is no charge if the fault is on the line.

  1. Call Pure Telecom to log a fault on 1890 987 550.
  2. A Pure Telecom customer service agent will guide you through a series of questions in relation to your fault.
  3. Pure Telecom will test the line using equipment which detects problems up to the local telephone.
  4. Please have an alternative contact number in case the technician needs to speak with or update you on the day.

Simply ring customer care on 01-2469000 to discuss your options. A line may not be active at the new address and may need to be installed. We recommend giving three weeks’ notice in order to have a new line ready for when you move in.