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Up to 100MB/s

Broadband and Phone

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  • Unlimited Calls
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  • Unlimited Download
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Noel Mcadams

"Excellent customer service from the technical team."

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Fionnuala Nolan

"Great broadband, so much better than Virgin. Based in Meath. Quite a lot of devices being used and service has not dropped at all, so far so good."

Source Google Reviews

Pure Telecom - The Best Broadband Provider in Ireland

Looking for broadband in Ireland? Make sure you find an offer for the whole package. That means getting the fastest broadband speeds to stream and surf seamlessly, unlimited broadband to download music and video worry-free, as well as a low price and responsive, personal customer service.

As Ireland’s number one broadband provider, Pure Telecom offers the best available broadband to each and every one of our valued customers. We go above and beyond to make our service unbeatable by offering unlimited, super-fast broadband with a wide range of options available.

It should be simple to switch broadband and at Pure Telecom, we will get you online without delay by following a few simple steps:

  • Online coverage checker

    It’s important to know what speeds are available in your area before selecting a service. With our online coverage checker, you can easily discover the fastest speeds available in your location.

  • Choose exactly what you need

    Once you know what broadband speeds are available to you, we will help you customise your service to suit your needs. From broadband without any landline charges to great value bundles, Pure Telecom allows you to choose exactly what you need.

  • Free connection

    Unlike most services, Pure Telecom will connect you to your new broadband for free! With zero costs, our friendly and experienced support team can talk you through every step of the simple installation process so you can quickly enjoy a premium speeds.

  • Unlimited download

    Surfing the net, streaming Netflix shows, gaming online and downloading the latest albums requires a lot of data. Pure Telecom offers unlimited broadband* so you can surf, stream, download and game to your heart’s content without the worry of surpassing a download limit and incurring extra charges.

  • A range of broadband options

    Depending on your needs and availability, Pure Telecom offers a range of broadband options, from Next Generation Access broadband to the fastest fibre broadband. We provide customers with fibre broadband speeds of up to 1000Mb.

    Ten times faster than regular broadband! This allows you to download in milliseconds and enjoy HD clarity streaming with zero buffering - starting from just €35 per month.

  • Free fibre upgrade

    Not every home is in a fibre broadband-enabled location. For those without a fibre option available, Pure Telecom can still provide unlimited and uncongested Next Generation Access broadband. What’s more, once fibre becomes available in your area, Pure Telecom will upgrade you for free! So by choosing Pure Telecom as your broadband provider, you can be assured you’re always enjoying the best possible speeds.

Pure Telecom has been offering incredible broadband deals in Ireland since 2002. Starting with a focus on business customers and gradually building up and extending our service to residential customers, the Pure Telecom team has huge experience when it comes to proving the best possible broadband solutions. Excellent customer service is deeply embedded in our company and we always go the extra mile to ensure we satisfy our customers’ needs. Choose Pure Telecom for value and service - you won’t be disappointed!

Currently the broadband market in Ireland is very competitive. There are several providers that offer varied broadband deals for customers. There are also a number of smaller broadband providers who specialise in connecting rural regions and broadband blackspots.

The best broadband provider has everything to do with matching your needs. They need to meet your demands regarding price, speed and quality. Excellent coverage and add on services should be available.

Pure Telecom can offers the best broadband deal in your area. To get started, use our Broadband Availability Checker Form. With this information at hand it will be easier for you to decide which option is best for you.

The best broadband provider has everything to do with meeting your needs. It is the one that best meets your demands regarding price, speed and quality. Excellent coverage and add on services should be available.

To make a more accurate decision read expert reviews and actual customer comments. Make sure that the broadband provider you choose has a good score in terms of customer satisfaction, speed, reliability, pricing and customer support. Also look at all of the plan’s features before signing any agreement to get the most suitable package for you.

Find the company that best meets your expectations and offers great broadband bundles in your area, by using our Broadband Availability Checker Form.

The type of broadband and speed you can get will largely depend on your needs and where you live. The best broadband provider is the one that meets your demands regarding price, speed and quality.

To choose the most suitable provider you should also consider factors, such as the area in which you live - whether it is located in an urban or rural area, how broadband Internet access is packaged with other services, and availability.

When it comes to high-speed in Ireland, Pure Telecom offers one of the fastest broadband packages with “Lightning Fibre” - to domestic and commercial owners in enabled areas across the country. The service is up to 80 times faster than regular broadband speeds and can reach speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. The bundle is really good value for money, since it costs only €35 for the first 6 months, and €75 per month thereafter.

To find the best broadband in Ireland and the deals available in your area, use our Broadband Availability Checker Form.

For most people a good price is their priority when it comes to choosing a broadband package. If price matters to you, the good news is that currently the Irish broadband market is going through a very competitive phase. As a consequence of fierce competition, Internet providers come up with new offers all the time, which drives prices down and give more choice to consumers.

But while price is a crucial factor, it is not the only thing to be considered. It is also very important to check all the plan’s features before signing up to any contract, so that you are sure that you are getting the most appropriate plan for you for a good price.

Switching broadband provider is much easier than you imagine. Here is some information that will help you in this process!

If you're staying in the same house or apartment, you can keep the same phone number. If you're switching between two Openreach providers you need to order a new package. Your new provider will take care of everything involved in the switch, including getting your current broadband cancelled. However, if you're switching to or from a provider on a different network you'll need to contact your current provider and cancel the service yourself.

Search - There are dozens of broadband providers offering different options for a range of prices. So the first step to switch to a brand new broadband provider is to use our Broadband Availability Checker Form! - to see what the options are in your area, and which one offers you the best deal. It's also a good idea to read up on the providers you're considering, just so you know what you can expect.

Check your contract - As broadband contracts tend to last a while, it is advisable to check your current contract before signing a new deal. If you're no longer within the contract's minimum terms, you're free to switch. If you're still within the minimum terms, you can switch, but there will likely be a cancellation fee - and it's usually a big one.

Speed - Having checked your contract, if you are free to move on, the next step is to work out what speed you require. Download speeds on broadband packages can range from 2Mb in rural areas, all the way up to 1Gb (1,000Mb) in urban areas. So deciding what sort of speed you need and whether you need a fibre optic connection is important.

Limited or unlimited - These days most broadband packages are unlimited - you can use and download as much as you want-, but in reality if your household only requires light Internet use - you can save money by opting for a cheaper, limited-download package.

Services included - If you are used to getting your phone, TV and broadband from the one provider, you might want to opt for a similar plan again - You could save money by bundling them all up together with your broadband.

Budget - Price matters when you're choosing broadband. As we all know this is real money coming out of your pocket every month. Therefore it is so important to check all the plan's features, before switching to a brand new broadband, so that you are sure that you are getting the most appropriate plan for you at a great price. Use our Broadband Availability Checker Form!, to figure out all the bundles available in your budget , as well as the real costs.

* Fair Usage applies. Prices and service subject to availability. Terms & Conditions apply. Offers are available to new customers only. Pure Telecom is regulated by Comreg the Irish Commission for Communications Regulation.