Other Charges

We want to make sure you have all the information you need about your account. There are some fees and charges that may or may not apply to you. We’ve created this handy information document so you have all the details you need. This leaflet includes all charges that may be applied to your account outside of your monthly bundle charges.

At any point if you are unsure of any charge or have a question on your own terms why not chat with us at Pure Telecom or if you prefer to arrange a call back you can also just leave your details with us at the same location. Alternatively you can also call us directly on 01-2469000 or drop us an email to [email protected]

ChargeDescription€ Prices Inclusive of Vat
Mailbox RentalThe monthly charge applied for a voicemail service from the network. (some phones have this option built in and so it is not necessary to rent a voicemail service from the network)€2.24
Call ForwardingThe charge for each time you set up call forwarding on your home phone to another number. Calls to that diverted number are then charged at the standard rates (see Call Rates)€0.41
Modem Charge The fee charged for a modem if the service is cancelled within the minimum term of contract. Pure Telecom will refund this charge on receipt of the returned modem.€80.00
Additional Modem ChargePure Telecom will provide a modem free of charge to all customers who have broadband. Any subsequent modem will be charged. This charge will be refunded once the old/faulty modem is returned to Pure Telecom.€80.00
Broadband SurchargeMonthly surcharge for the Broadband service if the the phone line has been moved away from Pure Telecom to another provider€12.30
Change of NumberThe charge to change your home phone number.€25.00
Corded Phone RentalThe charge for renting a fixed home phone from eir/Eircom/Telecom Eireann€2.72
Cordless Phone RentalThe charge for renting a cordless home phone from eir/Eircom/Telecom Eireann€2.72
Assisted Hearing Phone RentalThe charge for renting a specialist assisted hearing home phone from eir/Eircom/Telecom Eireann€3.68
Data Port ExtensionThe charge for additional internal cabling and labour to place the socket in another part of the home.€125.46
Payment Default FeeThe charge applied when a Direct Debit payment has been returned unpaid from the bank to Pure Telecom€12.30
Fixed IP AddressThe charge applied each time for providing a Fixed IP address.€100.00
Late Payment FeeThe charge applied where payment has not been received and allocated to the relevant account by the stated due date.€6.15
Engineer Appointment ChargeThe charge applied should you miss the agreed time for the Technician to install your service. This appointment date can be changed or cancelled up to 4pm the day prior to the agreed appointment date. The fee may also apply if the engineer cannot gain access to the Premises due to a 3rd party access issue, for example within an apartment block; if you refuse to allow the engineer onto your property on the agreed appointment date; or if the environment is deemed to be unsafe or dangerous.€60.00
Call Barring Set UpThe charge to set up an outgoing call bar on your home phone for a particular service€25.00
Call Barring Monthly Charge.The ongoing monthly charge for the outgoing call bar service.€4.91
Line RentalThe monthly charge for each PSTN Line rental€25.78
Non Direct Debit FeeAdministration fee for customers who have Pure Telecom Broadband but who have cancelled their agreed payment method via Direct Debit.€2.46
Premium Appointment (outside of normal working hours).If you wish for a technician to visit your premises for installation of service in the evening (summer months only) or on Saturday.€30.00
Reconnection Fee.The fee to reconnect your line to the network if it has previously been disconnected or removed from it.€25.00
Technician Call Out Fee for a FaultThe charge applied if the Technician discovers there was no fault on the actual line. i.e. the fault lay with the customers personal equipment and not on the actual line itself.€143.07
Contract Termination ChargeThe charge applied if the service is cancelled within the minimum term of contract€150.00