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FAQs - Pure Telecom

  • How do I switch my landline to Pure?

    You can make the switch to Pure either by entering into a Third Party Verification agreement over the phone or alternatively by signing a Customer Authorization Form. The switch is seamless and there is no degradation or loss to your service and takes up to 21 days.

  • Do I enter a contract for phone services?

    There is no minimum contract term if you have selected to move to Pure for phone services only.

  • How can I pay my bill?

    You can pay online via MyPure, Direct Debit, Credit Card/Debit Card, Cheque, PostPoint, Postal Order, at your local Post Office or by Bank Transfer.

  • I agreed to switch my service to Pure Telecom over the phone but don’t I need to sign a contract?

    No. The telecom regulator in Ireland in conjunction with the European Distance Selling regulations allows for the use of a verbal agreement in order to make it easier for you to switch telephone companies. A signed agreement is not necessary.

  • How much do calls cost if being made outside of my bundle?

    A full list of rates are available upon request. Please speak to one of our customer care representatives on:

    for more information.

  • How often will I receive a bill from Pure Telecom?

    You will receive a single bill for both your telephony and broadband services, between the 11th and the 15th of each month. All bills include line rental billed monthly in advance. Your first bill will also contain arrear charges from the date you switched to Pure Telecom.

    Watch the video below and learn more:


  • Can I get broadband without a phone line?

    Yes, You can have broadband only without landline charges

  • What happens if I am not home when my modem is being delivered?

    You need to update line to read and contact you on the number provided to arrange delivery at another time…

  • How easy is it to install Pure Broadband on my computer?

    Installing your broadband is simple and full instructions are included with your modem. Help and support is also available on our website Troubleshooting section or by calling.

    Only Contact Details Required.

  • What does UNLIMITED really mean?

    UNLIMITED means no upload or download usage limits when accessing the internet. All of Pure Telecom’s broadband services allow you to stream Netflix 24/7, spend hour’s online gaming and updating your social media accounts either from your phone, tablet or laptop – all day every day with no extra charge to your bill.

  • Why can’t I access Fibre speeds in my area?

    Fibre is available to over 1 million homes with more and more areas receiving Fibre upgrades each week. When Fibre is available in your area we will upgrade you for free.

  • When Fibre comes to my area – will you upgrade me for FREE?

    Yes. All new and existing customers can avail of a completely free Fibre installation to their homes.

  • What are my payment options?

    Pure Telecoms broadband service is direct debit only and subject to online biliing.

  • What happens if I am not at home when my modem is delivered?

    Our couriers will attempt to deliver to your home address. If you are not there they will try and contact you a contact number provided to arrange delivery at another time.

  • What is the technical support number?

    Our Technical Support team are here to help on:

    from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday.

Reporting a Fault

  • Who should I contact if I have a fault on my line?

    Once your line has switched to Pure Telecom you should contact Pure Customer Care if you are experiencing any difficulties with your telephone service.

  • Is there anything I am required to do before I log a fault?

    We request you to test your line with an alternative handset. This will eliminate the possibility of it being a handset fault and you incurring a call out charge. We also request that you check any connections in the house which may have been altered by recent works.

  • How long does it take to repair a fault?

    Once a fault is reported it may take between 48 hours to 5 working days depending on the severity of the fault. On average faults are repaired within 2 working days, however there may be circumstances which require longer periods for possible work to be completed.

  • Will a technician need to visit my home?

    The majority of faults can be resolved on testing at the telephone exchange in your area. If a technician needs to visit your premises, you will be contacted to arrange an appropriate time of appointment.

  • What are the possible causes of a fault?

    There are a number of reasons that faults occur. A few main reasons are as follows:

    1. Alterations to connections and wiring inside the home.
    2. Local or exchange faults (average repair time 24 hours)
    3. Fallen lines due to building work or from storms and high winds
  • Will I incur any costs if I have a fault on my line?

    If you have tested your handset and the telephone lines inside your home and concluded that it is not such a fault you will incur no costs. However if it is a fault with your equipment or wiring then you will incur a cost where this needs to be replaced or repaired.

  • Liability

    Pure Telecom shall not be accountable for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damages whether direct or indirect, or any loss of business, revenue, use, contract, goodwill, anticipated or actual savings or profits, any other financial loss or loss of time, data or opportunity as a result of a fault on a customers line. Pure will however review any customer complaints on a case-by-case basis.


  • What is phishing?

    Phishing is an attempt made by cybercriminals to obtain personal information online or by phone and is one of the most common forms of internet fraud. Phishing can come in the form of an email, a phone call or a text-based message.

  • What should I do if I receive a suspicious call?

    Phishing phone calls are made by fraudulent callers who often tend to impersonate company personnel. Callers can use Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to mask the origin of the call, so it appears as a familiar number. You may receive a call from someone claiming to be a representative of an Irish telecoms operator calling to query an issue with your broadband, stating that in order to fix the issue they need access to your device. The caller may put pressure on you to provide personal or financial details in order to repair or upgrade the security of the device. Pure Telecom will never pressure you for credit card details in relation to fixing or upgrading the security of your equipment. If in any doubt, please avoid giving any sensitive information and contact Pure Telecom on 1800 844 023 to report the call.