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Broadband and Phone Packages

Switch your phone and broadband package to Pure Telecom and reduce your monthly bill by buying only what you need. Start with your line rental and avail of our Unlimited broadband options as well as phone ‘add on’s to help you stay on top of mobile, landline and international call charges. All of our broadband services are Unlimited which means you can surf, game and stream away knowing your monthly bill will always be the same.

We can provide Unlimited Broadband speeds of up to 100Mb’s to over 1,300,000 homes throughout Ireland. If you require Broadband but it is not currently available in your area, try our uncongested Next Generation Broadband (NGB) service and we’ll upgrade you when it does arrive… for FREE! Call today for a quote 1800 844 023.

You can save a lot of money by selecting one of the broadband and phone packages that we offer. Typically, broadband connections run through ADSL lines, and this means that they use your phone line. Due to this, it makes sense to include a phone rental and phone tariff in your broadband bill. It is a way to get two or more services for the price of one. In some cases, you might even find that one or more of the services is free, at least for a short period. If you are using a fibre optic broadband connection, you may not need a phone usage included in the package. However, it still might be worth getting a package if you use your landline to make calls.

Top Speeds

The first factor that most people will consider when choosing between broadband and phone deals will be the connection speed. You should understand that the speed of your internet connection may not always be in your control. You may want the top internet speed available on the market. However, if fibre optic connection isn’t set up in your area, it won’t be available. This is why we always recommend that you check your area speed before buying a broadband phone package. There is no point paying more when you won’t be getting the advertised top speed. You need to make sure that you understand what you’re getting for the price that you pay.

Your Usage

There are various different broadband bundles and phone packages available to you. You need to think about how much you use your phone. It might be worth getting a package where you have a phone line but only pay for usage. Or, you can make sure you get free calls from your landline daily. You can even get special packages that give you free calls at certain times and on specific days. Looking at these options, you can find the package that suits you best.

For your internet, you need to think about how much you go online and what you use it for. Remember, gaming and streaming will use far more data faster than just surfing online. You may want to take this into account and choose an unlimited data package. With a package like this, you can use the internet all you want without risk of additional charges. This can be useful if you have multiple people in the home on the internet at the same time. It can ensure that no one in the household notices a speed lag.

Contracts And Pricing

Prices of landline rentals are often hidden or included in the bill when you arrange a package. At Pure Telecom we make things simple for our customers. When you purchase a package, you’ll see the cost of everything included separately. We will even reward you with lower prices if you opt for a longer contract. This is our way of giving back to customers who are loyal to us. When choosing from the best phone & broadband deals, you should always look for the price plan that’s the most suitable for you.

* Fair Usage applies. Prices and service subject to availability. Terms & Conditions apply. Offers are available to new customers only. Pure Telecom is regulated by Comreg the Irish Commission for Communications Regulation.

* Fibre to the cabinet.