The importance of B2B customer service

Being well-known isn't the same thing as having a stellar reputation. For example, most people have heard of Basil Fawlty and most people wouldn't want to stay in his hotel. It’s one thing watching him ruin holiday-makers good fun, it's another to experience it for yourself.

Similarly, well-known providers don't always offer the best customer service. Have you ever experienced bad or disappointing customer service? Whether it's a Basil Fawlty type who has never heard that the customer is always right, a robotic call center agent, or an actual robot call center agent, we have all experienced it at some level.

It doesn't leave a good impression. At best, bad customer service can sour your relationship with a service provider. At worse, it leads you to warn others about the terrible service you've received.

Exemplary B2B customer service

On the flip side, have you experienced amazing customer service that would earn a five-star review, and have you recommend it to everyone you know? People often remember great customer service because it is such a rarity and stands out in the crowd of mediocre service we receive.

That shouldn't be the case for something that is such a critical part of the business. Customers are the lynchpin to success they are brand ambassadors, investors, walking advertisements in some cases, loyal supporters, reputation boosters, and much more and they should be rewarded for this.

The customer has more choices these days. Thanks to the internet and increasingly available high-speed broadband, people have better research tools and are much more informed when it comes to the important decision of where to spend my money.

With more businesses online and better access to online shopping, there are better value deals for the customer. Brilliant customer service creates engagement, trust, and loyalty in this market of infinite choice.

Winning customer loyalty

The team at Pure Telecom understands the importance of building relationships with our clients and our customers.

Here's the proof:

  • 4 seconds average time for our service team to answer a business customer call
  • +100 the number of our people looking after customer care, tech support and accounts
  • 10 we are growing our team by 10 people each year
  • 95% retention rate for our customer care team
  • 30,000 our customer population which is growing by 20% a year (we must be doing something right!)
  • 5+ years the average business customer relationship with Pure Telecom
  • Every business customer has a named account manager
  • 1.1 million the number of premises our fibre broadband is available for

Become a valued customer

Being a customer means you have weighed the pros and cons and decided to invest your time and money in a particular provider. In return, you deserve to be valued for your custom and loyalty. Talk to us and experience customer service that you'll want to tell everyone about.