Slow internet? Follow our simple tips to make yours faster with Pure Telecom

Whether it’s working remotely, streaming movies, or video-calling friends, so much of what we do nowadays is online. That’s why it can be frustrating when your internet is running slow. If you feel your internet is being sluggish, it may not always be due to slow broadband. Here’s a set of simple tips and tricks to improve your online speeds and get the most from your internet connection:

Purchase the right connection

Before looking at how to speed up your internet connection, it’s important to understand what speeds your current broadband bundle is capable of. Remember, a broadband bundle you opted for a few years ago may not have the capacity to support your current online usage needs.

For example, if you have avid gamers or serious streamers at home, you’ll need an ultra-fast connection. Find out what your requirements are and whether your current broadband measures up. Choosing the right broadband connection for your needs is the first step to speeding up the slow internet.

Plug it in

If you use devices that are close enough to the wireless router, it might be worth considering a wired ethernet connection. Plugging in your device will not only speed up your connection instantly, but it will also free up bandwidth so your mobile devices can run faster.

Pick your place

Wireless routers work by sending radio signals outward and these are then picked up by Wi-Fi-connected devices. As with all radio signals, they can be hindered by objects in their way and will weaken with distance. Try moving your router to a room where most of the internet use is taking place and make sure to remove any major obstacles that might disrupt the signal. It could be as simple as leaving a door open, but could make all the difference to your browsing experience.

Purge your devices

Slow internet doesn’t always mean slow broadband. Sometimes the device itself – be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop – can be the culprit and needs attention. Your connection can seem sluggish when programs are left running in the background or if your device’s memory is full. The solution? Close any apps that you’re not using on your mobile devices and clear the cache on PCs and laptops.

Place a limit

The more traffic on your network, the slower your connection will be. Limiting the amount of Wi-Fi connected devices on your network can be a simple solution to slow internet speeds. Work phones, for example, may not need to be connected all of the time. Furthermore, if your Wi-Fi is not password protected, anyone can use it. To stop unwanted guests logging on to your network, secure your connection by setting up or changing your network password.

At Pure Telecom, we pride ourselves on finding the right broadband connection for your needs. That’s why we offer incredible broadband speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, which is 10 times faster than regular broadband. For more information on the best value deals for you, contact the team today on 1800 844 023.