Research: Smartphones overtake laptops as most popular device for getting online

In the UK, Ofcom has published its 2015 Communications Market Report and here, in some handy bullet points, is what the research revealed. Similar Irish figures would be very interesting to see! Now please read on

  • Two-thirds of people own a smartphone
  • Smartphones are now more popular than laptops for getting online
  • Increased popularity is down to faster mobile broadband
  • People use smartphones for almost 2 hours every day
  • 90% of 16-24-year-olds own a smartphone
  • 19% of 55-64-year-olds own a smartphone
  • More than half of UK households now have a tablet
  • Internet users aged 16 and above spent over 20 hours and 30 minutes online each week in 2014 *shocked emoji face*
  • Almost 8 out of 10 households now have fixed broadband access at home - an increase of 5 percentage points since 2014
  • More than 7 in 10 online adults have a social networking profile
  • Almost 4 in 5 households now have fixed broadband
  • Of those with fixed broadband, around 1 in 3 has superfast lines delivering broadband speeds of 30Mb/s or above
  • By May 2015, 83% of UK premises were able to receive superfast broadband.
  • There are 23.6m 4G subscriptions in the UK
  • The UK TV industry generated ¬£13.2bn in revenue in 2014, an increase of 3.1% year on year
  • Over 90% watch TV each week
  • Among adults, TV is the device people say they would miss the most
  • Over half of UK homes had a TV connected to the internet, either via a set-top box or a smart TV, by the end of 2014