Pure Telecom Comreg Statement

Following an investigation by the electronic communications regulator, ComReg, it was found that Pure Telecom was non-compliant with a number of regulatory requirements. The non-compliance concerns the period of 1 December 2016 to the end of December 2018.

ComReg found that Pure Telecom had failed to:

  • Provide charging information, including call rates and additional administration charges, to its customers;
  • Inform customers that they had a right to cancel within 14 days of the installation of the services and did not advise customers how to exercise that right to cancel (should they wish to).
  • Advise customers of modifications to their contractual terms in a manner that complies with the relevant regulations.

In light of the above, ComReg took regulatory enforcement action against Pure Telecom including the issuing of District Court Summons, which Pure Telecom pleaded guilty to and was ordered to make a donation of €10,000 to charity. ComReg also issued a Finding of Non-Compliance and published Information Notices in respect of these actions.

As a result of these breaches Pure Telecom entered a binding agreement with ComReg and took remedial action including issuing of contracts to customers, as well as amending its online Terms and Conditions to include the applicable costs. Pure Telecom also made commitments to ensure its compliance with the relevant regulations in the future. Finally, Pure Telecom is also in the process of refunding an appropriate number of customers as a result of unlawful charges being applied to their contracts.

Regulations are there to protect the consumer and Pure Telecom takes its obligations in upholding them very seriously. Pure Telecom is an Irish-owned company established to champion consumer rights and drive greater competition in Ireland’s telecommunications industry. It has co-operated fully with the regulator to ensure all of its selling processes are in line with relevant regulations.

Pure Telecom will continue to build and enhance its business by always putting the customer first and endeavoring to maintain a collaborative relationship with ComReg.