Providing a fantastic telecoms customer service

Keith Berigan, Head of Customer Service, Pure Telecom knows how to make customer service a WOW factor.

When you think of customer service, the image of people with headsets on, dealing with numerous complaints, and trying to appease frustrated customers pops into your mind. My reality is very different, thankfully! Over the past six years, I have built up great relationships with our customers, who are based in businesses across Ireland. They come to us for expert advice and for the provision of complete telecom solutions, including broadband, voice, cloud, and data. We basically act as an outsourced telecoms department for our customers; they know they can come to us and get the solution they need, as well as getting the best deal. Our customers make an average of 20% savings, which is a huge figure for any business. At the moment, I manage a team of 20 people who support our customers on straightforward questions about billing to more involved issues on technical support.

There's a fantastic attitude within the team, everyone's first priority is the customer. Every business customer has a named account manager, so it’s a very personal service.

I begin every morning with a review of the previous day and a catch up with team leaders so I know what's happening and can somewhat plan the way my day is going. About 200 calls come into our customer service center every day. The volume on Mondays and Tuesdays is higher, probably due to businesses being off for the weekend and coming in on Monday morning to find a problem of some sort, for example….. “All our customers know they can pick up the phone to us to get the right response. One of the things our team prides itself on is our expert resolution of any query. We review our call times and statistics constantly. Among customers, we're famous for fixing people's problems quickly and going the extra mile to keep customers happy. At the moment, our business customers' calls are answered after just 4 seconds, on average. We're proud of this stat and we believe our customers should be able to get through to us quickly, without having to wait for ages before speaking to a human!

As we cover more of Ireland than any other provider, we get calls every day from all over the country. Calls range from issues we can resolve on the spot to requests to manage moves or changes on the customer's behalf.

It's definitely a challenging role and it's rewarding. The best thing about it is fixing an issue on the spot, knowing the customer is happy and has no disruption to their day. Keeping customers happy is made easier by Pure Telecom's position; we're not restricted by our own network so we can always provide the best solution. On top of that, we have the best choice possible for customers which means they have access to more leading networks such as eircom, BT, Verizon, Strencom, and Magnet. We also provide faster speeds and have up to 100MB fibre broadband available for 1.1 million premises. We're all about making everything simple and straightforward for the customer. What drives me and my team is that when the customer hangs up the phone after dealing with us, they are completely assured they have received the best customer experience out there. Find out how Pure Telecom can look after your telecoms needs and provide you with savings.