Cloud Telecoms

Pure Telecom can meet the cloud telecoms requirements of any office system, whether it’s a home office, a single building or a multi-location organisation. That means:

  • Secure connections for transferring all data to the cloud.
  • A full voice service, including hosted voice services.
  • Contact us to discuss the cloud based products that suits your business, your location and your budget.

Pure Telecom customers have access to a scale and range of services that would serve a multi-national corporation but you only have to pay for the services you actually use. This allows for enormous versatility and growth, without additional commitment or investment. Whether its a temporary upsurge in usage coinciding with a specific event, or a sustained increase as a result of business growth, Pure Telecom is there to support your business, wherever you are, wherever you’re based – around the clock.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Pure Telecom advise on best practice in connecting customers to DR sites and cloud services including hosted PBX (phone system) solutions. In the event of a technical fault, fire, flood or other disaster your DR plan ensures your business data will be immediately accessible from a new location, ensuring maximum continuity of service and minimum cost to your business.

Multi Site Businesses

Pure Telecom’s Cloud services gather together the various voice and data channels within your business, regardless of their geographical location, allowing you to operate as a single office. This facilitates remote working, mobile access and fleet users who work from multiple locations.

Innovation & Economy

Pure Telecom’s cloud telephony provides innovative, effective, user-friendly systems and services, at minimum cost, giving any business regardless of size – the most up-to-date services available.

Online Portal

Pure Telecom provide a free online portal for customer controlled management of cloud based services including call recording, multi-location conference calls, call queueing, internet faxing, toll free numbers and more.